Monday, July 27, 2009

Greetings from Narragansett Bay! The Skipper and I decided to take an extended weekend cruise before Freedom heads back to the Chesapeake Bay. Bad weather and traffic delayed our arrival in Barrington, RI until Friday morning. We spent the day readying the boat, launching the dinghy, and watching the river traffic. For dinner we motored over to Blount's Clam Shack for fresh off the boat Belly's.
Saturday morning we headed to Jamestown to pick up cousin Ann, 2 of her daughters and college roommate Sally for a day of sailing (and a chance to watch the 12 meters race.) The weather and company were perfect, but the water was choppy, and stomach's churned. Everyone seemed to feel better once we headed into calmer waters in Newport Harbor (and everyone agreed that the bag of potato chips was just what their stomachs needed)Johny Depp was rumored to be in Newport -- we were treated to a sighting.
Mother Nature provided us with a lazy Sunday -- too much fog to go anywhere -- so we read and relaxed on our mooring at Jamestown Yacht Club.
Today we are off to Bristol, RI and the Herreshoff Museum. Dinner with college sailing mate Dick and his wife Karen is planned.

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