Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Long Goodbye

Late summer and fall went by quickly as we brought Freedom back to the Chesapeake Bay, enjoyed a week long Rally with pthe Cruising Club of America and the Royal Thames Yacht Club, traveled (by air) to the west coast for the St. Francis Yacht Club's Men's and Women's Cruises and the National CCA meeting in Seattle, and made preparations to head south for the better part of the winter.

We planned, packed and provisioned in anticipation of departing yesterday October 29. Then Snowtober happened. With snow and gusts up to 40kts in the forecast we decided to stay put for another day, spending the day stowing gear, shopping at Walmart, napping and enjoying a second night of farewell drinks and dinner with friends along the Sassafras.

There was ice on the docks this morning as we pulled out of our slip at Sailing Associates and began our 1200 miles journey south. With the gulls as our escorts, we were ready.

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