Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tug Boats

We see a good deal of commercial traffic along the ICW -- and I really enjoy the Tug Boats -- the workhorses any waterway. Some are big, some are bigger, some bright and shiny, some with a little rust under her belt, but they all have a job to do.

I love the red tugs owned by McAllister -- always in spit-spot shape -- and sporting an "M"! Here is one tied up off Mobjack Bay:

We see a lot of dredging equipment along the ICW (without consistent dredging, the Waterway would be unpassable for all but the most shallow-drafted boat). The dredges work all night, while the pleasure boaters are at anchor or in marinas. Here are two tugs bringing along a dredge near great Bridge, VA. When you see one of these big rigs come by, you get out of the way - fast!

And here's a Tug tugging a Tug

The Tug Boat Captains are always friendly, giving us a hearty wave or calling us on the radio. They are a good source of local knowledge and in my opinion, have a cool job!

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