Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Birds

There hasn't been much snow up north this winter, but friends and family have still flown down to escape the cold and clouds. Unfortunately, I have not gotten a picture of everyone (we get chatting and I forget to pull out the camera), but here are some pictures of a few of our guests:

My brother Peter and sister-in-law Mary soaking up the sun on our way back from Tarpon Springs.

Tim and Susan snuggling up through their Zac Brown Band Zamily initiation at the Florida State Fairgrounds on January 28th. What a great concert that was!

This little guy tried to stow away in the dinghy. Not technically a snow bird, but he did visit with us for a while. Alas, he was too small for dinner, so we sent him back to the Gulf of Mexico to get some more meat on his bones

Stay tuned -- I'll be updating the portrait gallery as time goes by.....

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