Monday, March 26, 2012

Cruising in Company

When we first set out from Stuart a week ago we did not have much company on the Waterway outside of fishing boats and local traffic. We decided we were a little ahead of the snowbird migration, and we could be in for a lonely north. Yet, once we made it to Cape Canaveral a few days later we fell in step with other travelers

After several hours alone in the anchorage in sight of the Shuttle Assembly building we were joined by 4 sailboats and one motor vessel. (The final sailboat to arrive did so just at sunset, and without consulting a chart, we think, for they soon found themselves on one of the many shallow spots. Their calls to Sea Tow and their resultant tow to deeper water kept us engaged throughout the evening)

Soon after we anchored off Daytona Beach the following day, we were joined by the blue hulled trawler we had seen at Cape Canaveral, Castaway, and one of the sailboats: A Sparkman and Stephens Yawl named Jacunda. Friday was a lay day for us, but when we arrived at the St. Augustine mooring field on Saturday, there just a few boats over was Castaway, along with the sailboat C:/[esc] (pronounced "Sea Escape") who we had heard on the radio the day before but had last seen in November on our trip south. We have also overlapped anchorages with C-Gull Seeker, a green hulled sailboat.

A hour or so ago we anchored just off of Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and off our stern is Jucunda!  Who knows how long we will cruise in company with this set of boats, but for now it is fun to see their familiar lines and hull colors as we enter an anchorage or pass them on the ICW.

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