Friday, June 19, 2009

The Crew

Wondering who is on the Freedom Crew? Here are a few photos as the crew readied the boat and themselves for the race. The photo above shows part of the crew riding the launch Friday morning.
Okay, this isn't a Race Crew member -- it's my friend Sally, Conversationalist and Clam Roll Consultant. Thanks for keeping me company and helping me find my cell phone, Sally, as I provisioned the boat!
Here are Andrew (the Navigator) and Chris(the Skipper's Brother)
Andrew striking a classic Navigator's pose.
Bryant, looking relaxed and ready.
Al, aka Doc, "Hey Al" and Bryant and A2's Dad.
The Skipper.

Unfortunately, crew members A2 and Jake did not arrive until after I snapped these photos. They round out a fun and experienced crew.

Go Freedom Go!

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