Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster

At last, word from the crew. Andy wrote this just after 2AM under the title "Emotional Roller Coaster"
The shot of wind they were enjoying late yesterday seems to have fallen off, but things have picked up now. Here is their status as of 6:08Am:
Jun 09
06:08 EDT / 41.1138N 71.7283W
6.3 kts / ENE / 28.3 nm

15.6 miles from montauk light, 45.8 miles from Newport. Boat speed @ 3 knots. Hopefully the wind will fill and we can go inside Block Island with a favorable current, otherwise we'll have to take the long way around.
We've been out of cell phone range since around 4:30am on saturday. Since that time we've had moments of fantastic sailing and moments of tedious bobbing like a cork. Oh did I mention the fog? You could cut it with a knife.
The one constant is we're eating like kings!!
UFT (Tyler), Dave, Captain Cary and Carl are all in their bunks. CJ is at the helm, while Doc Al forages in the galley. I'm just happy to be able to communicate with the outside world.

Newport for lunch? Hopefully......

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