Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Brief Interruption...

Please excuse this brief interruption in my happy, carefree cruise narration:

Dear Apple,

What do you have against Blogger, and the legions of bloggers who have purchased your expensive, yet oh so cool, iPad? All we want to do is post to our blogs, pictures included, from the road, or water in my case. And all you have done is made this impossible, reason unknown. Okay not impossible but awkward, and not "intuitive" like your products are said to be. So, today, Mr. Jobs and friends, call me annoyed.

First Mate Martha
Currently anchored in Woods Hole, MA

Posted above are 2 pictures Mr. J and friendsdidn'tt want me to put out there: Rainbow over Newport, and the Captain, Carla and Tyler enjoying the Calypso Deck in Edgartown.

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