Saturday, July 23, 2011

North to Canada

Freedom is floating north, destination: the St. John River, New Brunswick, Canada. This is a big adventure for us, and has taken a good amount of thought, planning, provisioning*, and just plan old figurin'. So far, planes, trains and automobiles have been needed to get the crew on and off the boat, and we have only just begun....

The trip began on July 16th, leaving from the Sassafras River, Maryland and stopping in Cape May New Jersey for 3 days. With the Captain's sister, brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law along as crew they headed towards Atlantic Highlands, NJ to pick up a cousin and his family for the trip through New York City. A unique and memorable way to the see the Big Apple! Freedom is anchored at the Noroton Yacht Club in Darien, Connecticut for the weekend while the Captain and crew enjoy a mini family reunion.

We took a lot of water over the bow as we traveled across the Delaware Bay en route to Cape May. We were lucky to find these very cute cousins (Julia and Monica) to clean off all that salt!

Wait a minute ladies...what's in those red cups? I guess they heard we can't bring all of our liquor into Canada.

*Head over to to read all about provisioning.

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