Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer ReCap, Part 1

It seems like I just posted about our trip to Camden, with so much of the summer ahead. Now it is officially Fall and about time to point the bow south. But first, a recap of Freedom's summer:

After our trip to Camden we headed to Cape May where we enjoyed a few fun but hot days anchored off the Coast Guard Station. We did go on shore a few times -- to visit with the Cap'ns sister and enjoy dinner at a few local restaurants. But, like so many ports, the view from the cockpit kept us busy and engaged.  Anchored just off the Coast Guard stations we watched the recruits march, heard them chant and cheer in the mess hall, and enjoyed their "Fun with Flares" demonstration.

Our anchorage was on the ocean side of the Cape May Canal providing us with a good view of fishing boats coming and going each day, along with gathering storm clouds moving across the land towards sea. One night we took the dinghy ashore for dinner at an outdoor restaurants. The sky darkened considerably and the wind picked up a bit once we reached shore, but we felt confident that the storm would hold off long enough for a bite to eat. But, just as our food was served we looked over and saw this:

Not a good look!  have you EVER seen anything like this? Please note - I took this photo in color -- all of a sudden the world was black and white.  The waitress boxed up our dinners and we ran for the dink.

This is what we saw after casting off the lines:

Have I mentioned we were low on gas? Very, very low?

But then, a window opened up. A different sort of weather window, and maybe not the best kind:

We did not like the looks of these clouds either....

Finally, Freedom is in sight

Almost there ( and the engine is still running). That's the Cast Guard Station to the right. Cool ships.


Safely back on board, we heated up our dinners and waited for the storm....which never came. But we did get some great photos!

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