Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer ReCap, Part 2

After our stay in Cape May it was time to go north. The Admiral headed home, while the Cap'n and his crew waited out a few days of stormy weather before pulling anchor. Shore leave followed while Freedom's freezer had a new compressor installed  in New Bedford, but late July found us back on board and ready for some New England cruising.  Along with friends Kurt and Donna we visited Martha's Vineyard and Natucket -- where we just happened to be at the start of Race Week. Needless to say, the harbor was hopping. We spent a good amount of time in the dinghy winding our way through the mooring field oogling the beautiful old boats being readied for the regatta.

The Cap'n spent a second week aboard with Jeff and Kristin returning to Martha's Vineyard, and then it was time for more shore leave, and the chance for Freedom to have her stabilizers serviced. Now she is back on the Bay being readied for our trip south -- set to begin later this week.

This year we have employed these primary provisioning rules:

1) Stock as much of the heavy and bulky stuff as you can. Canned goods, boxes of soup, juices, bottles of wine, batteries, and paper towels are all a challenge to carry from the grocery when you are traveling by foot, bike or even marina mini-van. As the Cap'n says, "There is no such thing as Light Beer when you are walking."

2) There are no Trader Joe's near the ICW. So, our pantry is filled with all the TJ's Italian Roast coffee it can hold.

We will spend this week doing last minute hunting and gathering of food, supplies, clothing, and books. It's October and time to head to head south.

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