Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Photos from Freedom

We hadn't fueled up since last summer -- so the tanks were getting empty. When I snapped this shot the port side tank was just about full -- good thing because Freedom was heeling over a bit too much for my taste.

We watched this helicopter fly film a speed boat in the waters surrounding Cabbage Key for several hours. Police Action? Major Motion Picture? Commercial? Actually, a TV Show for the Discovery Channel, set to be aired May 4th.

Dinner before Karaoke night at Burnt Store Marina, FL with friends A2 and Amy.
No, we did not sing

River otters checking out a kayaker/Kayakist? at Cabbage Key dock.
They were swimming about and climbing aboard any boat with easy access.

The Cap'n, Christine and Andy under the banyans on Boca Grande, FL

Sinking Boat at the St. Petersburg Pier. It attracted quite a crowd, before the owners returned, including the police who hooked up this bilge pump. Later we watched as it was towed to the ramp and sat draining for about two hours!

The Dancing Ladies of the St. Petersburg Saturday Market. The one in the patchwork dress is there every week, swaying to the tunes, whether she has a partner or not.

View from inside a lock along the Okeechobee Waterway

Bananas by the pool at the Edison-Ford Estates, Ft. Myers, FL
Check out the beautiful flower hanging from the fruit.

Jim handling the lock lines.

Psychedelic sunset over St. Pete Beach, FL

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