Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Unpredictability of Cruising

Remember my last post?  Plans for Sanibel?  Scratch that. Boca Grande? Nah. Useppa/ Cabbage Key? Anchored there now -- but just a port in the oncoming storm. A front is heading in, precipitating a change in plans.

Holding tank issues kept us in Ft. Myers for two nights -- allowing for some long walks and a visit to the Edison-Ford Estates -- and a better smell down below!!

Tomorrow morning we head to Sarasota where we will ride out the front at Marina Jack for 2-3 nights until we head north to St. Petersburg. Crewmate Jim has taken the disappointment of not stopping at Boca Grande well.  Our traveling companions, Jeff, Ellen, and Bunker aboard Trinity are providing companionship, technical assistance and a great view (they are our sister ship -- and we can't get over how good looking they are!)

Don't feel bad for us -- the weather is ideal: bright blue skies, clear sunlight, dolphins jumping alongside.  We just need to be as flexible as the  sea life as we move up the coast to greet Andy and Christine.

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