Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Easter Promenade

While another city might have an Easter Parade, Charleston has a Promenade. Hosted by the Hat Ladies (NOT to be confused with The Red Hat Society, the Store for hats,, or any other hat groups based in Charleston) the Promenade marked it's 11th year on Saturday the 8th.  And the ladies celebrated in style:

Ruffles and Ribbons and a well-dressed escort. I think she was the "Head Hat" because she was  at the front of the line. 

A well-dressed family, right down to the dog!

Beautiful hat, Great shoes, but ooh my feet hurt just thinking about the long walk she has ahead of her!

Dogs, Hats, Fans, and Hula Hoops. This Promenade had it all.

Elegant mothers with Hat Ladies in training (plus, notice the jaunty red hat on the left)

These lovely lasses opted for the trendy Fascinator look. And they wore it well.

You can tell style runs through all the generations of this family.

There are no words......

I LOVE that she wore her Girl Scout vest in the Promenade. I hope she gets a fancy patch for it. This was one of my favorite pairs.

Finally, our Mistress of Ceremonies. She welcomed us all to the Promenade, and encouraged us to join her in singing The Easter Parade., as she did over the entire 15 minutes that it took for the women to promenade past us.  Who knew it had so many verses? (or maybe she was singing the one verse over and over).

What a great day in Charleston: The Saturday Farmer's Market (my second favorite ever), the Promenade, a Hidden Gardens Tour and dinner at Circa 1889.  Nothin' could be finer......

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