Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

It has been a week since Freedom slipped alongside the dock at Sailing Associates Marina in Georgetown, MD. Good friends Andy, Al and Donna, as well as marina owners Patrick and Patty were there to catch our lines, extend a hearty welcome and pass a cold beer across the rails. Six months ago, minus a week, we had left an icy dock and headed south on our Snow Bird adventure.

We had headed up the Chesapeake Bay with mixed emotions: happy to be back in familiar territory, looking forward to seeing family and friends, and yet longing to stay afloat, living by our own schedule. But the strength of friendship pulled us in along with our lines, and it felt good. Afternoon turned into evening as we sat on the Calypso Deck sharing stories and laughs. Home again.

You've heard the expression "It Takes a Village," and once again it rings true. We could not have endeavored such a trip without a lot of help from our friends -- from our "pit crew" on the Sassafras who made sure we were in ship shape before leaving, to the anonymous friends who provided guidance via online sites: Active Captain and Cruisers Net, to the new friends and fellow cruisers we met along the way with their depth of knowledge and willingness to share, to all the friends and family who jumped on board and kept us company -- we could not have done it without a single one of you. Thank You, Thank You!

Time to start thinking about next year..........

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