Monday, June 21, 2010

Guest Post from Jeff Moore

I have invited Jeff Moore, Freedom Delivery Crew member to be my Guest Blogger this morning. Thanks Jeff for providing information about the competition in Cruising Division 12.

Quick Monday morning update…….

· Freedom has slipped to 6th place, behind Cadence , Poeske, Nostros, Shindig, and BonSpiel

· Freedom has 334 nm to go. Wind looks to be filling in nicely for the next day and wind is on the beam with a good heading for Bermuda.

· Nostros, Shindig and BonSpiel passed them during Sunday evening and overnight, taking a ride on the gulf stream and getting the new wind first. Gulf stream must have been just west of their heading (15 miles?) as the wind got light for Freedom overnight. Appears that the new southwest wind filled in first for the boats who went west early.

· With the wind now (almost) on their beam and blowing 17 kts, it’s a good opportunity for Freedom to make up some lost ground to the 5 boats that went west . Freedom excels in these conditions! Proven on the race course around the buoys when we put 4 miles over Actaea and Grey Ghost on a short leg in a GRF race.

· Cadence has gotten a perfect ride out of the stream (several skeds with at over 10 kts over the ground) and has passed Gold Digger, a very well sailed J-44!!!! Phenomenal. Dolphin (J-42) is further down the race course, close to the rhumb line now after hitting the gulf stream nicely also.

· Lots of race course left! If the wind stays on the beam, Freedom has proven her speed in these conditions.

GO Freedom! Lots of race course left.


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