Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nearing Newport.. But not Without a Story to Tell...

The Latest from the Skipper....

Saturday June 12, 2:38 AMEntering long Island Sound with Montauk Poiint to port and Block Island to Starboard. Should enter Newport Harbor at sunrise,.

Not much wind so mostly motoring. No storms either so we'll take it. Had some excitement Thursday night about 50 miles off Atlantic City. During my routine inspection I lifted the floorboard to find a great deal of water. The bilge pump would not start so we immediately manned both manual pumps while frantcly searching for the source. All through hulls were sound. Once pumped out it stayed very dry. The bilge pump worked fine once the breaker was turned on. After repeated inspections we found water coming from the engine. The muffler has developed a leak. Thanks to the Sat Phone we have a mechanic lined up gor Monday morning.

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