Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stop and Go Traffic

From the Skipper at 14:27 Sunday (2:27PM to the landlubbers among us!)

Moving again. Wind filled in a few hours ago. Directly on the nose so we are sailing at 6.5 with VMG of 3.5. Stream is about 50 miles. We will get there later then normal hoping for Southwest wind to fill in so we can make up some time (and not run out of food). Beautiful sunny day.

Not sure if he means they will get to Bermuda or the Gulf Stream later than usual. Although they may grow short on meals if the wind continues to be light, there is no way the crew will run out of snacks - even if they are only fueled by popcorn and Chex Mix, washed down with skill and adrenaline, they will get there!

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