Saturday, June 19, 2010

Starry, Starry Night

A middle of the night post from the Skipper:

3:00 am ghosting along at 4.5 on a very close reach. Beautiful night full of stars. Grey Ghost is 1.8 miles ahead. Should catch them in about an hour and a good view at dawn. Actaea is between us.

Wind is getting lighter as expected. Dawn will be light air but it should then build through the day.

Speedboat and Puma rolled us at sunset going 16 to our 8.25. Puma was 3 boat lengths away and went by so fast I barely got my camera out in time.

Dinner casserole was just the right size. Starting at 3:50 has everyone a little off but settling into watches quickly.

Back to navigating. Need to keep us west of rhumb line until the stream.

Grey Ghost is owned by our good friend Phil Parrish, pictured above. He has three generations on board, Phil, his son Ted and his son Austin. Actaea is owned by fellow Corinthian and CCA member Mike Cone. Both keep their boats on the Sassafras River. We are cheering on all Chesapeake Bay boats!

Speed Boat seems to be living up to her name. Puma, aka Il Mostro, raced around the world in between the 2008 Newport Bermuda Race and this year's race.

I'll be posting a race food menu on www.FreedomFareAfloat. blogspot,com later today or tomorrow.

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