Saturday, April 16, 2011

Charming Charleston

After a "skinny" trip up the IntraCoastal on Thursday - holding our collective breaths along the shallow parts- we anchored in Conch Creek for a night before tying up at Charleston City Marina Friday mornnng. A certain comraderie deloped among the boats we encountered in the shallow passages - exchanging valuable information on depths and hazards as well as sights on shore including a wild boar! It has been fun to meet many of these fellow travelers here at the marina.
We enjoyed lunch at Salty Mike's with Chet's good friend and College of Charleston student Ben Bevan and then took the Marina shuttle bus into town for a carriage tour. Our plans had been to leave today and head towards Georgetown, SC but stormy weather is heading this way so we have opted to stay put for another day. No complaints here! While the Captain and Al took the shuttle to West Marine, Donna and I explored the Saturday Farmer's. Market in Marion Square. We filled our bags with produce, local cheese, and grits. We're back on the boat for an afternoon on laundry, showers, and naps before welcoming Andy and Christine.
In the log book we will be certain to note that Charleston requires at least a 3 day stop when we head south in the fall.
Please excuse all typos - using my phone and the keys and font are small!

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  1. Loved Charleston, was there in August for a wedding at Patroits Point, toured Ft. Sumpter, many mosquitos, where first engagement of Civil War took place, they were having reinactments there this past week to honor 150th anniversary.