Friday, April 22, 2011

Local Papers

Local Papers

Whenever we go ashore we try to pick up a newspaper and catch up on what’s happening in town and around the world. We can always read the latest news via apps on our phones -- as long as there is internet service -- or catch the news-loop on CNN, but there is no better way to tune into the local culture than the paper -- be it a big city daily or a small town weekly.

Over the past several days we have picked up papers in Charleston, SC (multi-sectioned daily); Georgetown, SC (2 section daily); and Swansboro, NC (1 section weekly, plus inserts from Piggly Wiggly and the like). I was not the only crew member to peruse the obituaries in each paper and notice that everyone passes on differently in each location. In Charleston, you “go to rest in eternal peace.” In Georgetown, the departed “go home to be with the Lord,” and in Swansboro, well there you just “die.”

The expression we enjoyed most was from our friend Jim in South Carolina, who simply says you “step off the bus.”

Take your pick -- just not too soon.

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