Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking to the Sky

A Message from the Captain this morning (April 1st)
Yesterday - March 31st - around 15:00 we were whacked by thunderstorms and heavy winds. NOAA issued waterspout warnings but we did not see any. Stead 30 with gusts to 45 and lots of lightning. Glad to have a heavy boat with a full keel. Being inside was very civilized. The only foredeck work was dropping the anchor. A second squall line came through around 18:00 then lots of lightning and thunder all night.

Looks like a nice day and should have the current with us at least all morning.

This afternoon while passing Cape Canaveral theFreedom crew saw the last Shuttle on its pad. Too far away for a picture, but not for a farewell to another era in the the US Space Program.

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