Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guns and Dolphins

The alarm rang at 5:45 AM so we could ride the tide from Jacksonville (Mile 740)to Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island (Mile 717) Florida. By 10 Am we had watched a pod of dolphins jump in the distance and swim close to play in our bow; witnessed an Anhinga dry its wings atop a piling; motored close to a bald eagle; and been approached by Homeland Security, with a large, scary 30mm gun firmly mounted on their bow, warning us to stay away from a large ship (named ARC). We wound our way to Fernandina Beach, arriving about 11AM. We will be anchored here, just off the downtown historic district and with a good view of the paper mills, until Saturday when we head towards Georgia.
Fun Fernandina Facts: It is Florida's northernmost city. Amelia Island, named after King George II's daughter, is the only place in the US to have flown 8 different flags, including the standard of the Conquistadors and the French Huguenots, the British Union Jack and the stars and bars of the Confederacy.


  1. An eventful day on the water! Why did DHS want you to stay away from the big boat (ARC)?

    Enjoy Amelia Island.

    Look forward to future entries.

    And the Franklins look forward to a ride on the Freedom when it gets back to the Bay!

  2. My mother was a decendent of the Hugenots from France, DuBois was her maiden name. Your next blog about your dinner made my mouth water, yum.